Sunday, March 7, 2010

Shipped to China

My agency is sending me off to China on Tuesday. They say there are a lot more catalog jobs there than in comparison to Hong Kong at the moment. I thought about telling them no way, but in reality its smarter if I go because I came here to make money and work and I'll be working better in Guangzhou. I'll be there for at least 2 weeks. Working in main land China is totally different than working in Hong Kong. The clients usually don't speak english and the jobs are just not as nice as Hong Kong. I know I'll be extremely bored stuck in my apartment when I'm not at jobs or castings so maybe I'll get a lot of reading done?


  1. I love China, I did a good travel (:
    Pass for my blog and only follow me if you like it!

  2. luv. well it might be a nice change to the "HK life" ya know? you can read lots, write lots, blog lots. have more "me" time. and get out. explore guangzhou! book shops and cafes! :)