Friday, March 26, 2010

little bit of bad

I learned a few things last night:

*Never again go out to party the night before a flight, even if it isn't until the later afternoon. It's still very possible to miss your flight.

*Ask my friends to hide my phone from me after I have more than 3 drinks

*Some times it doesn't matter what you say, it's what you don't

*Even if you make an ass of your self and say ridiculous things to people, the ones that matter will forgive and forget. The people that don't matter...well, they just don't matter any more so no point in writing about them. ;)

Some times it takes a little bit of bad to realize all of the good.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

back to civilization

Happy to report that I am back in Hong Kong. :) However I may be leaving to Seoul in about a week. I definitely plan on coming back to Hong Kong, I love this city and it will be sad to leave.

Anyway, here are me and my roommate in China while exploring the night life scene.



And here I am in the midst of one of the worst days ever. I'm sitting out side of my apartment in HK, locked out. The only thing good about this day was that I was wearing my favorite boots. This day consisted of me having 2 hours of sleep, getting lost at the train station carrying all of my luggage. My largest suitcase was having some malfunction with one of the wheels, it was still rollable but MUCH harder to pull around. My phone ran out of credit so I wasn't able to call the booker from my agency to help me find my way and no one spoke english. Finally I found my way to the train. I got in and went to where I thought was my seat only to find out I had gotten on the wrong train car and needed to be about three cars down. I clumsily pulled my broken luggage down the aisles periodically crashing into people and their belongings if they weren't completely tucked inside and away from my path. When getting off the train I discovered that there was no escalator or elevator. I contemplated just tossing my luggage down the stairs, or giving it one good kick to send it down to the bottom. However my luggage was much bigger than most of the Chinese people making their way down and would for sure take some of them along the way. I opted to slowly drag it behind me, pulling it down one step at a time. I looked so ridiculous I couldn't help but to randomly laugh at myself as I made my way down. I arrived to the meeting point for my job two hours late. The job was okay. I finished and headed back to the train station to Hong Kong. Again struggling to drag my suit case behind me. I ended up missing my stop on the train so, I then planned to take a taxi from where I got off only to find that there were no taxi's where I was and would have to take a bus. Maneuvering my luggage probably gave a big laugh to everyone watching me awkwardly struggle to lift it up and situate myself. When I then finally reached my stop, I was close to my apartment. For sure no taxi would take me only 4 blocks. I was left with no choice but to walk myself and my poor excuse of a suitcase down the cobble stone side walk. Sweaty and tired I arrived to my apartment only to find that no one was home and I was keyless. I waited an hour for my booker to arrive and let me in. I'm very glad that his day is over! Hopefully that day consumed all of my bad luck for at least the next few weeks.


The city is so colorful, I love it. I'm really not going to want to leave.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Welcome to Hell

Okay, so I am majorly exaggerating. Although some times China does seem to be my own personal hell. I loved Hong Kong. It's very westernized, while still chinese, with endless things to do. But the Hong Kong market is REALLY slow as of right now. A friend who is still there was telling me that she's lucky if she has one casting for the day. I'm discovering that my short hair is a bit on the edgy side for the main land chinese clients though. So, who knows how work will go. I have a contract for Seoul starting on the 23rd of April. I might want to head off to a different market before then because I've been sitting around for so long it's looking impossible for me to leave with a decent amount of money, if any at all. I've already been thinking that I need to expand myself and do something on the side, along with modeling. My mind seems to be blank though. I can't find anything that would or could easily coincide with traveling and modeling. I've thought of not traveling any more but the idea of going back home and living my home town for any extended period of time is more than slightly depressing. I feel like I need something else, like I am missing something, yet I have no idea what it is.
Besides my new found confusion, I got a new roommate today, Monica. She is Romanian. She was a breath of fresh air because I've been living with all brazilians who only speak portuguese to each other and completely ignore all other people in their conversations. Monica and I are going out tonight, which should be interesting. I have no idea what the night life scene is like here. I also met some Canadian's on my castings today, which was a surprise. Plus I found out there is a subway close to my apartment, I'll be happily enjoying a veggie delight once I figure out the exact location. So, maybe China isn't hell. However I'm still not convinced.
For now, I'll continue to contemplate my future plans, over analyze things and further confuse myself. In the mean time, here are a few pictures I took while taking a stroll that lead me to a street market.






Sorry for the last gruesome animal pics. I see this kind of thing all the time here though! Ew.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Shipped to China

My agency is sending me off to China on Tuesday. They say there are a lot more catalog jobs there than in comparison to Hong Kong at the moment. I thought about telling them no way, but in reality its smarter if I go because I came here to make money and work and I'll be working better in Guangzhou. I'll be there for at least 2 weeks. Working in main land China is totally different than working in Hong Kong. The clients usually don't speak english and the jobs are just not as nice as Hong Kong. I know I'll be extremely bored stuck in my apartment when I'm not at jobs or castings so maybe I'll get a lot of reading done?