Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby Jesus!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. :) Now the new year is just a few days away. It should be interesting to see what the new year brings and where I'll be spending the majority of it. Anything could happen!
To explain the name of this post, a few years back on Christmas my Grandma Jean joined us for our traditional Christmas dinner. Usually she isn't feeling well enough to make the hour car ride and she stays at home. Some times she is on many different pain medications and because of old age and whatever other reasons she'll say some pretty funny things. One Christmas she even tried to pass off a Betty Crocker frozen pie as her own, even with the tin foil pan and the Betty Crocker stamp on the pie! LOL Anyway, this year was also the first time my sisters boyfriend was going to spend a holiday with our family. When it was time to say a prayer just before everyone ate, my Grandma decided to speak up and make a not so traditional suggestion. She requested that everyone sing Happy Birthday to Baby Jesus. It was actually really sweet of her but it's become a huge family joke. No one could bare to tell her that it was slightly ridiculous and absolutely hilarious. We all sat just looking around the table at each other, still holding hands from starting the prayer and began to sing. I seriously don't know how everyone got through the song with out bursting into laughter. My sisters boy friend was looking completely motified, however even more so, my sister being unbelievably embarrassed while also trying to get through the whole happy birthday song with out even a snicker. Now, it's a great family memory. So...Happy Birthday Baby Jesus (I know, it's a few days late).

Anyway, here are a few pictures of my Christmas. :)

All of us roommates made at least one dish for a party we had at our apartment on Christmas eve. We had lots of good food. :)

Thelma cooking!

The deviled eggs I made. Mmmm..delish!

Here are a few of us, before everyone else arrived to the apartment.

Getting ready to leave for dinner on Christmas day. I love this dress. <3

Us girls at Koi

Those are just a few pics, stole from friends and a few from my camera phone. FINALLY my camera is fixed! I paid about 100 dollars but it's worth it to have my trusty Cannon back. As long as I can manage to keep it away from hot tubs from now on! LOL

AND here is a picture of magazine that I will probably never get a copy of. Marc Sacro (the photographer for the shoot) took this from his camera phone. It's a magazine in the UK. I think I might order it online. Not sure that I would use it in my book though. I think it turned out nice either way. Gotta admit Terra and I make some pretty sexxi faeries! Ha! :)


More to come after the New Year!

Ciao! xoxo

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