Monday, December 14, 2009

Vegan Again!

While shopping at the supermarket yesterday, I picked up a Thai brand of instant cereal. After I got home I started to read the back of the box and noticed the Asian Food Pyramid. I was surprised to find that it was really different than the one that I've seen before. The major differences: Meat is at the tip of the pyramid, with a suggested serving of once a month! This made me really happy. Along with Dairy being placed somewhere near the middle, with a suggestion of a serving per week BUT as optional. :) Again this made me very happy. It also placed beans and nuts as something to be eaten daily.

And here it is!....


I feel like I'm kind of a freak because it made me so interested and sparked a whole new train of thought for me. I went online looked up the US food pyramid and they have made an improved version. Except they are suggesting that people consume 3 cups of dairy a day and 5.5 oz of meat or beans. The beans part is great, but really, no one needs that much meat or dairy.
Just after learning of the Asian Food Pyramid, I was bored and decided to surf the web, not looking for anything in particular. I ended up on msn and started reading an article on ways to prevent osteoporosis. It included a lot about how milk and other dairy products are not that great for the body. I've had this opinion for a long time (I've been vegeterian for about 12 years now), but I rarely come across articles like this unless I search for them myself. It's really nice to see that other people might be reading this and learn that milk and dairy products really aren't that healthy after all.

A few facts of the article that I found interesting:

*The high protein content in dairy acidifies the blood, which causes the body to take calcium from the bones in an effort to balance it out. This means the body loses more calcium than it gains!

*Protein molecules in milk are large (milk is meant for calves, who grow to be over 1,000 lbs! It seems obvious that human bodies might not be able to process milk). The human body isn't meant to handle the large protein molecules. Often the immune system will reject it foreign, or allergenic. This is why many people experience fatigue, lowered ability to concentrate, and overproduction of mucus when they eat dairy.

* For some people the consumption of dairy causes stomach pain, gas and diarrhea. This is because they lack the enzyme lactase, to properly digest dairy sugar.

*New studies show that the body is able to absorb just as much, or more calcium from orange juice as cows milk. Orange juice is high in vitamin C, which also aides in the absorption of calcium.

Here is the link to the article if anyone is interested:

I thought it might be better if I found a page or something explaining more reasons why milk is bad for the human body. It wasn't hard. I'll only post one web article I found online. Even this article is a bit overwhelming, because it's a bit long and has a lot of information in it. However it's expremely interesting and I hope everyone reads it! :)

by Robert M. Kradjian, MD

And here is a video I found. It's pretty old. I find it even more interesting because it's so old. This information must have been known for so long but for some reason people STILL think that milk and other dairy products are healthy. Sad.

Milk does a body bad

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So, after my discovering the Asian Food Pyramid and then doing so much thought about diary. I've decided to become vegan again. :) I'm really excited about it. I think eating vegan again will make me a lot more conscious of what I'm putting in my body. For about a year while I was in high school I was vegan, it ended when I was in Athens, Greece and fell in love with Feta. I've never gone back to drinking milk, it always upset my stomach after giving it up. I can't really say for how long I plan to be vegan because I do love me some cheese! Ha! But I know that if I do go back to eating dairy some time soon, it will be occasionally, just as the Asian Food Pyramid suggests. ;)

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